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Alexa Ramirez Profile

Alexa Ramirez

Louis Baglio Profile

Louis Baglio

Joanna Afonso Profile

Joanna Afonso

Maura Dempsey Profile

Maura Dempsey

Alix Angulo Profile

Alix Angulo

Kennedy Velasco Profile

Kennedy Velasco

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Caroline Hanson

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Olivia Tanski

Delfi Calatayud Profile

Delfi Calatayud

Marsonise Fils Profile

Marsonise Fils

Emily Arroyo Profile

Emily Arroyo

SDA Student Worker
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Alex Richter

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Kaitlyn Norris

Jordan Goldberg Profile

Jordan Goldberg

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Mary Barbaria

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Kristina Silva

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Mauricio Molina

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Jay Taveras Duran

Imani Ligon-Chambers Profile

Imani Ligon-Chambers

SDA Student Worker
Grady Callahan Profile

Grady Callahan

SDA Student Worker
Lark Mueller Profile

Lark Mueller

SDA Student Worker
Kylie Rivera Profile

Kylie Rivera

SDA Student Worker
Madeline Kling Thees Profile

Madeline Kling Thees

Associate Director for Leadership & Involvement
Timothy Costello Profile

Timothy Costello

Campus Activities Board Rep
Stephanie Tovar Profile

Stephanie Tovar

Judith Cardona-Frank Profile

Judith Cardona-Frank

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Emmalyn Yamrick

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Homecoming: Family, Friends, and Alumni Weekend

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