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Neuroscientific knowledge is a constantly developing tool for a better understanding of oneself and others. Neuroscience is a means to explore the scientific basis for human behaviors, beliefs, and experiences, and learning neuroscientific concepts can add an inestimable amount of enrichment to someone’s life, whether they choose to formally study the subject or not. Because of the countless benefits of even a layman’s understanding of neuroscience, it is of utmost importance that the Neuroscience Club becomes an official club recognized by Marymount Manhattan’s SGA. Within the club, students will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss specific neuroscientific concepts and research within a cohort of students that are similarly scientifically-minded. Within this cohort, students will additionally have access to information concerning research, internship, and work opportunities should their passion for neuroscience lead to do so. Although the current executive office is composed of neuroscience, biology, and/or psychology majors, inclusivity towards students that aren’t in the natural sciences department is another priority of the club. This will manifest in fundraising, social, and educational initiatives that are accessible to any interested Marymount student. Resultingly, MMC’s official Neuroscience club will serve as a statement of the growing interest in neuroscience as an area of study, formal or otherwise, within MMC’s student body.









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