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PRISM is the new name for the LGBTQIA+ focused registered student organization at MMC. Previously the Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) Club of Marymount Manhattan College, PRISM is an extension of the GSS Student Advisory Board. Our new name affirms a space and purpose for our community. The mission remains the same – to advocate, amplify, and support the Queer community and to maintain safe spaces for the Queer community at MMC. It is critical that the LGBTQIA+ community has representation, support, and dedicated space within student leadership. It is also vital to create a community of passionate students to benefit and improve the community through working with the Intercultural Center. Why PRISM? A PRISM in essence is multidimensional, just as we are. Through a prism, we are presented in a multitude of lights and shapes, which mirror the intersections in which we exist. We use the prism as a representation and reminder that we come in all shapes/forms/experiences, we continually evolve and grow, that there is room for all of us to belong, and that our light always shines bright through us.









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PRISM: A Home for LGBTQIA+ Community

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