Welcome to CareerLab!

CareerLab introduces you to foundational concepts in career and professional development and planning. You'll learn how to create an online presence, participate in mock interviews, and use the right vocabulary to promote yourself. Stick with us, and we will help you find the perfect internship, nail the interview, and launch your career.

Lab 1: Learn Your Strengths

All first year and transfer students are required to participate in Lab 1. In Learn Your Strengths, you will use an online assessment, CliftonStrengths, to develop a deeper understanding of your natural strengths and talents.

Lab 2: Build Your Professional Presence

In Build Your Professional Presence, you will learn ways to develop a stronger online presence through social media, and you will create a LinkedIn page so you can begin to build your personal network.

Lab 3: Shape Your Experience

In Shape Your Experience, you will learn how to find and prepare for an internship and leverage your experience. This lab covers every part of the application process from learning how to search for internships  to preparing for the interview with digital mock interviews.

Lab 4: Find Your Path

In Find Your Path, you will have access to resources that will help you with your next steps after graduation. You can explore employment opportunities with MMC Career Connection, learn about the process for applying to graduate school, and explore career specific job sites.

Quick-Access Resources

This is where you can get easy access to resources like Resume and Cover Letter Guides as well as quick links to all of the tools throughout CareerLab like BrandYourself, BigInterview, and Real World Playbook.

Career Launch Academy

Whether you have zero or 200 professional contacts, Career Launch Academy will help you grow your network while building up your networking skills to help you land your next internship or job.

Career Launch Academy is a 28-day program that helps students develop strong networking skills. The program will help students develop new connections, reconnect with existing connections, learn how to set up and conduct Career Conversations, and how to turn those conversations into jobs or internships. Students will have access to Daily Online Microlearning Videos, a complete Workbook with templates, strategies, and tips, as well as Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions with the Office of Career and Professional Development to provide feedback and answer questions during the program. The program will run in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions.

Internship-For-Credit Requirements

This section details the specific requirements for students pursuing an Internship-For-Credit.