Lab 3:

Shape Your Experience

Topics covered in this lab:

  • Mock Interview in Career Connection
  • Interview Preparation & Resources
  • Leveraging Your Experience
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Informational Interviewing

*Internship-for-credit assignment located here*

Mock Interview in Career Connection

Complete a Digital Mock Interview!

Using your Career Connection account, click on the "Mock Interview" button on the home page, or find "Mock Interview" under the Resources tab.

You'll see a list of recommended mock interviews that you can complete, or you can create your own question set and focus on specific questions you want to practice.

In each interview, a pre-recorded question will be asked. You will have 30 seconds to prepare an answer to each question and then 3 minutes to respond. ***Be sure to click record before starting your answer if you don't use all 30 seonds to prepare!

Once you have completed the interview, you can request feedback from a career counselor in the Office of Career and Professional Development. You'll be notified when feedback is provided. If you have questions or want to work on your interviewing skills, schedule a counseling appointment in Career Connection!

Interviewing Resources

Click on the pictures below to view additional interviewing resources.

General Interviewing Tips

Virtual Interviewing Tips

Leveraging Your Experience

As an MMC student with access to New York City, you already have a wealth of experience under your belt. In this section, you'll find some resources that can help you leverage your experience and articulate to employers what makes you special.

Don't have work experience yet? No worries.

View some of our best tips for how to get involved, build skills, and bolster your resume.

Non-Credited Internships

In CPD we support you whether finding internships for credit or not for credit. Come have your resume reviewed, talk about your interests, and receive assistance in finding the right opportunity for you. Once you land the position, we can also help you get the most out of the experience by providing advice about reaching your learning goals, making contacts, and if necessary, how to approach workplace conflicts and challenges.


If you are unable to commit to doing an internship because of a time commitment, consider volunteering. Community service often offers a flexible schedule while still providing similar benefits to internships such as: skill acquisition, networking, and practical experience. Helping others by donating time to a charitable organization or nonprofit is also highly valued by many companies. This is a chance to learn while giving back. There are many opportunities to do community service while you are at Marymount. Check out our Marymount Muscle page for current projects in which you can get involved.

Club Leadership and Involvement

Participation in student clubs and organizations is far more than just a fun use of leisure time and an opportunity to make friends. There are many professional benefits of club involvement. As a club officer or leader, you will learn a wide range of practical skills, including event and program planning, addressing conflicts, setting organizational priorities, and managing a budget. Club involvement will also provide you with an opportunity for meaningful interaction with your professors that could lead to research positions, recommendation letters, or stronger ties to your field of interest.

Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch and why does it matter?

The elevator pitch is a brief statement about yourself, your experience, and your goals. It can be used to network with employers, recruiters, hiring managers, and professional connections. It can also be used to answer the common interview question "Tell Me About Yourself."

Having a well-crafted elevator pitch can help you articulate your brand.

Career Conversations

What is a Career Conversation and why is it important?

A Career Conversation, also called an Informational Interview, is a meeting or conversation with someone who works in a field that you are interested in learning more about. You can use Career Conversations to gain insight into a field, job function, career trajectory, and more. It is important to speak with others who have already been working in the field you're interested in. This is one of the best ways to gauge your interest in pursuing a particular career.

View the Office of Career and Professional Development's Career Conversation Guide below.

    Informational Interview Activity

    *Internship-for-credit assignment*

    Draft Your Informational Interview Questions

    Identify someone with whom you would like to have an information interview. Do some research about their organization, professional background, and career path. Then draft 10 questions that you would ask them during your interview.

    Note: All reflection activities are available as downloadable worksheets in the "Quick-Access Resources" section.